Toluca Lake Snap on Smile Dentist Outlines Key Benefits Of This Treatment

Written by Dr. McKay on Dec 10, 2014

One of the lesser-known cosmetic treatments available to patients today is the Snap on Smile cosmetic appliance. This mouthpiece can completely transform the appearance of your smile in a very short period of time. Today our Toluca Lake Snap on Smile dentist will walk you through how Snap on Smile works, and tell you why this treatment is so popular among dental patients.

Snap on Smile is a cosmetic dental solution that does not involve changing your natural teeth at all. Rather, Snap on Smile is a realistic looking replacement smile that fits snugly over your real teeth. Basically, you just pop Snap on Smile in place whenever you want your teeth to look perfect, and then take the appliance out when you are hanging out at home or sleeping.

Here are just some of the reasons that people of many ages choose Snap on Smile:

1. Affordable—this treatment option is much less expensive than other comprehensive cosmetic treatments like orthodontics and dental veneers.

2. Fast—thanks to Snap on Smile you can totally change your smile in just a few dental appointments. Once your dental appliance is complete, you can instantly improve your smile just by snapping your mouthpiece over your real teeth.

3. Non-invasive—Snap on Smile is unique in that it does not require our dental team to alter your natural dental enamel at all. Your real smile will stay whole and intact.

4. Versatile—using Snap on Smile our cosmetic dentists can achieve a wide number of aesthetic effects. Whether you want to close spaces between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, or whiten discolored dental enamel, Snap on Smile can help you achieve your goals.

Does Snap on Smile sound like something that might be right for you? If so, our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentist office can give you all of the additional information that you need. Just call our office in order to speak with our friendly dental team.