Toluca Lake Snap On Smile Dentist Reviews How This Dental Appliance Help Patients

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 6, 2014

As a dental patient, you want to make sure that you find dental treatments that suit your unique needs and help you achieve your dental goals. While many patients are ready to invest the time and money necessary to undergo comprehensive cosmetic treatment, other people would benefit from a more temporary solution.

That is why our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists offer Snap on Smile as a treatment option in our dental office. This unique aesthetic dental appliance delivers immediate results that are truly transformative.

The basic idea of the Snap on Smile dental appliance is that this aesthetic mouthpiece completely fits over your existing smile. The Snap on Smile mouthpiece looks like natural teeth, and totally covers any dental imperfections or aesthetic problems.

To get started our dental team simply takes an impression of your existing smile. Then, using this mold, we create a personalized aesthetic oral appliance to transform the appearance of your smile. Using this method we are able to make your smile look:

· Straighter

· Whiter

· Better balanced

· Seamless (without gaps between teeth)

Once you have your Snap on Smile appliance, you simply pop the mouthpiece into place whenever you want your smile to look beautiful and perfected. Then, when you are sleeping or just having down time, you can take the appliance out and your natural smile will be unchanged and intact.

Snap on Smile is generally more affordable than other cosmetic dental treatments. So many patients choose Snap on Smile when they want a quick smile transformation, but they are not ready to invest the time and money necessary for other treatments.

Our Toluca Lake Snap on Smile dentists have all of the information that you need about how Snap on Smile works, and what it is like to live with this mouthpiece in place.