Toluca Lake Wisdom Tooth Dentist Discusses Common Complications Of Existing Wisdom Teeth

Written by Dr. McKay on May 19, 2015

Many times dental patients come to our Toluca Lake dentist office, and they tell us that they are dealing with some general oral discomfort and hard-to-define dental issues. And more often than not, these issues are ultimately attributed to problems with wisdom teeth!

In today’s article we will be reviewing some problems that dental patients regularly experience with wisdom teeth.

Your wisdom teeth are your third set of molars; they sit in the back corners of you upper and lower jaw. The thing is that very few people have enough room along their jaws for wisdom teeth to fully emerge. As a result, many people experience problems as wisdom teeth begin to try to push through.

· Wisdom teeth may emerge at an angle, or sideways through the gum tissue

· Wisdom teeth may put pressure on other teeth, causing the patient’s smile to shift and become misaligned and crowded

· Because wisdom teeth are very difficult to reach, and clean thoroughly, these teeth are prone to cavities and infection

· The sites of wisdom tooth emergence can also be hotbeds for periodontal disease

· Many people experience pain and pressure at the sites of wisdom tooth emergence

In order to help dental patients avoid these issues, our dental team extracts wisdom teeth in a timely manner. If your wisdom teeth have emerged, we may be able to pull the wisdom teeth as we would pull any other teeth. However, many people have impacted wisdom teeth—these teeth are embedded in the bone tissue. In this case, our dental team will surgically remove the impacted teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal can be very important as a preventive treatment for young adults. If you want more information about wisdom tooth extraction, please call our Toluca Lake dentists to get started, and to schedule a consultation.