Toluca Lake wisdom tooth dentist helps patients prevent dental problems associated with wisdom teeth

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 4, 2014

Wisdom teeth—those large, bulky teeth that can appear in very back of your mouth—may seem like nothing more than inconvenience. However, the truth is that emerging wisdom teeth can lead to all kinds of serious dental problems if left untreated by a dentist. Our Toluca Lake wisdom tooth extraction dentists know all about these wisdom-tooth-related complications—in fact, we pride ourselves on helping patients avoid them! Keep reading to learn more…

Different patients’ wisdom teeth will attempt to emerge in different ways. Some patients have wisdom teeth that emerge vertically from the gum tissue. Other people have wisdom teeth that erupt sideways from the gums, forming incongruous angles. Still additional patients experience wisdom teeth that are compacted in the bone and gum tissue—unable to fully breath through to the surface of the smile.

A primary problem with wisdom teeth is that they are virtually impossible to keep clean. Because they exist so far back in the patient’s smile, is very difficult for the patient to clean plaque from them by brushing and flossing. Consequently, wisdom teeth are hotbeds of bacterial activity—they are prone to cavities, and contribute to gum disease.

Wisdom teeth also put immense pressure on the patient’s smile. As wisdom teeth attempt to emerge they cause pressure, which then moves a patient’s additional teeth. This can ultimately disfigure the patient’s smile, and ruin the effects of previous orthodontic work.

When our dental team is able to extract the wisdom teeth, we can help the patient avoid these kinds of complications. Thanks to modern dental techniques and technologies, wisdom tooth extraction is faster and more comfortable than ever before.

To learn more about why wisdom tooth extraction is beneficial, please contact our Toluca Lake wisdom tooth dentist office. We are here to answer your questions, and help you make good decisions for your dental health!