Useful Information From Our Toluca Lake Dentists About How Common Dental Problems Develop

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 18, 2022

You’re going about your daily life, when, suddenly, you notice that something is amiss with your smile. Maybe you find it difficult to bite down and chew, or perhaps you feel some tenderness and sensitivity when you’re drinking something cold. The pain you feel when eating or sleeping can be caused by a number of things. The problem may just need some TLC, but there’s no telling until you complete a smile assessment. Keep reading to learn more from our Toluca Lake dentists

Dental discomfort simply means that a sensitive nerve in your teeth, gums, or jaw is too exposed. Irritants and bacteria are able to reach this raw nerve, resulting in discomfort. This may occur because:

  • You’ve developed a cavity
  • One of your teeth is cracked or chipped
  • Your gums have pulled away from the natural tooth structure
  • You have developed an infection or sore in your oral tissue
  • Your dental enamel is too thin, and thus no longer an effective protective barrier

As you can see there are a number of potential causes of dental pain. And, at the end of the day, successful treatment comes down to correctly identifying and then addressing the underlying problem.

For example, restorative materials, like dental resin and ceramic can be used to build up lost portions of a tooth. Doing so improves the aesthetics of your smile, and it simultaneously protects the dental pulp and nerves.

There are also products available to minimize the sensitivity of these nerves. Specially-formulated mouth-rinses and toothpastes make it easier to chew, as well as to eat and drink hot and cold substances.

Another way to tackle dental pain is to reinforce and regenerate oral tissues, like your gums. Restorative gum grafts bulk up diminished tissue. We’ll also recommend at-home and in-office treatments to optimize your oral environment, and promote your body’s natural ability to heal.

If you are dealing with tooth pain or sensitivity, now is the time to reach out for an assessment and treatment. Our Toluca Lake dentists can answer any additional questions you may have—just give our office a call, or use the Contact Us page on our website to get started!