Your Smile Your Way With Customized Smile Makeovers

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 21, 2015

Nobody knows your smile better than you do. You know how it has changed over the years, and you know how you want it to look. Our Toluca Lake cosmetic dentists are here to listen to you, and then help you make your dream smile a reality.

We are able to cater to our individual patients because we offer a comprehensive list of cosmetic treatments. We tailor treatment to fit the person—there is no “one size fits all” aesthetic treatment here!

Let’s learn more about how we craft you personalized cosmetic treatment plan!

When you come in for a consultation with our dental team, we’ll talk to you about what you would like to improve about your smile. We’ll recommend treatment options based on:

Your preferred timeline

If you are trying to achieve results in time for a special event, our dental team will direct you toward cosmetic treatments that fit your needs.

Your budget

Cosmetic treatments vary greatly in terms of financial commitment. Teeth whitening, for example, is very affordable, while a full set of Lumineers will be more expensive. Our dental team can combine different treatments in order to achieve your desired look within a budget that works for you.

Post-treatment maintenance

We’ll also discuss how you’d ideally care for your smile after treatment. Some treatment options, like dental implants, are surprisingly simple and intuitive to care for. Dental whitening will need to be touched up on a regular basis in order to maintain results.

These are just some of the topics that we’ll keep in mind as we put together your perfect cosmetic treatment protocol. To schedule a consultation with our Toluca Lake dentists, please contact our office by phone, or by using the “contact us” page on our website. We are here to answer your questions, and we look forward to working with you!